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This interactive picture of a van shows exactly which Victron equipment is built in. Mouse over the different elements to view the specific product information.


Gel and AGM batteries

design life 7-10 years

design life 12 years

VRLA GEL 2 Volt cells:
design life 20 years

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Australia: On adventure with a motorhome

The Australian company ‘SLR Caravans & Motorhomes’ builds four wheel drive motor homes, expedition vehicles and caravans, especially made to withstand harsh Australian conditions. All vehicles can be equipped with Victron Energy. 



Servicecar Unit

This unit, designed by Scanpocon, is specially made for service cars that will come out to locations without any power, for example new house buildings with no connection to the grid. The Unit contains a Victron Cyrix and is ready for use in a car. There is also space for a Multi 12/3000 in the same frame, what makes it possible to charge from a grid system. At the moment, 40 Units have been produced. 


The Netherlands: New policecar with floodlights

In February 2011 a new police car was introduced, with two big floodlights on the roof. If an accident in the evening or at night happens, the floodlights can illuminate the area. The floodlights are attached to a long pole, which hydraulically comes up from the roof of the car. The hydraulic pole and the two floodlights are powered by a system with a Victron MultiPlus and an Elja 230 Volt generator. With the Victron MultiPlus installed in the policecar, the floodlights can illuminate the area for 2 to 3 hours. 


Rabobank Cycling Team Bus equipped with Victron gear

Bicycle races are popular all over the world, especially in Europe. In The Netherlands there is a special team: the Rabobank Cycling Team. This is a professional bicycle racing team, sponsored by the Rabobank. The team tours around the world in their ‘Rabobank Cycling Team Busses’. The equipment of the team is being transported in the ‘Rabobank Cycling Team Truck’, which is fitted with Victron Energy gear.


Microsoft training bus: equipped with two MultiPlus inverter/chargers

This 42 foot truck is part of the 'Microsoft Across America' tour. It enables customers to meet with local experts and experience business technology in a hands-on interactive environment, enabling them to make more informed technology decisions. A twin MultiPlus installation is installed to supply the entire truck with whatever energy is needed. The inverter/charger units operate fully independent of each other. Microsoft requested GFCI outlets to be installed on the front of the units. These 4 sockets create easy access to electricity from outside the bus. 


Copenhagen, Denmark: New equipment for Chief Command vehicle

The technical department of Copenhagen fire brigade has built a new Chief of Command vehicle. The new vehicle is provided with a Multi 12/1600/70, a BMV602 and a Global Remote from Victron Energy. The Global Remote is a modem which sends alarms, warnings and system status reports to cellular phones via text messages (SMS). It can also log data from Victron Battery Monitors, Multi’s, Quattro’s and Inverters to a website through a GPRS connection. During the environmental summit COP15 in Copenhagen, the vehicle was successfully used as a Central Command Post. Having the equipment of Victron Energy aboard, the installation of the vehicle could continuously be monitored from within the tech team of these Danish firefighters. 


The Discovery Pro-Cycling bus: on the road with Lance Armstrong

This luxurious bus consists of a lounge, a kitchen, a shower cabin and a bike storage room. The lounge room is furnished with massage equipment and onboard entertainment. This VIP bus is able to run air-conditioning and several communication devices such as a satellite connection and a DVD recorder (recording the races) simultaneously. The bus has been equipped with a system consisting of a generator, a Victron PowerMan and a MultiPlus unit in order to supply the required amount of power. 

Australia: Great Coffee, Anytime, Anywhere

The Australian coffee company Cafe2U has installed a battery bank and two paralleled Victron MultiPlus units. Coffee vans used to be powered by generators. This all changed when customers raised concerns about their noise, pollution and emissions. In response to the issues, Cafe2U is now providing their customers with a clean, silent and environmentally friendly alternative. Cafe2U has got 60 mobile coffee vans operating throughout Australia, with more coming online each month. 


United Kingdom: MultiPlus and associated control gear installed on a Sky News satellite News gathering vehicle

Getting an up-to-the minute story means being responsive and ready to go at any minute. Getting the story edited and broadcasted from what could be some of the most hostile and remote places can be just as difficult. And the one thing that it all depends upon is a reliable power supply. The Phoenix MultiPlus offers the perfect solution. It provides the means to downsize an onboard generator by as much as 50% of what would otherwise be necessary. It also allows sufficient power to support a news crew, full editing suite and satellite transmission equipment. 


The Netherlands: a municipal vehicle supplied with blue power

Old bike wrecks play a significant role in littering the streets and pavements of the Municipality of Amstelveen in The Netherlands. This truck is used to clean up these wrecks, as well as other types of litter. Before the installation of a Victron Inverter and Battery, they were able to clean up merely three bike wrecks per day. With their new Phoenix Inverter 12/1600, installed by Marine Energy Shop, they can remove an unlimited amount of old bikes throughout the entire day. 


U.S. action sports: Victron supplies an entire fleet of caravans

The constant drone and stinking fumes of diesel generators meant peace and comfort was rarely achieved at ‘Hell on wheels’. The action riders and stuntmen of these spectacular road shows must turn up at the start of the show well-rested and in top condition. The road-team management decided to replace the electrical supply for the entire fleet of caravans with a hybrid power supply supplied by Victron Energy. As a result, the clean air and peace which is so essential for the stuntmen’s ability to perform at top levels is available all day long. The management, too, are getting a better night’s sleep: the fuel bills for their energy supply have gone down considerably. 


The Netherlands: Project Superbus

This superbus, designed by Prof. Wubbo Ockels, will travel around Holland at high speed, on special ‘Superbus-lanes’. The bus will stand for demand-driven and comfortable travel, and competes with the car and the train. Admittedly, it is a futuristic project. However, a professional team is hammering away so that the bus can set off as soon as possible. Transport Company Connexxion is sponsoring the project, and Victron Energy has developed innovative and pioneering technical solutions for the release of electrical power from the vehicle’s battery packs. 


Dakar: rally truck fitted with a MultiPlus 24/3000 unit



The Netherlands: several Dutch ambulance services use the MultiPlus



The Netherlands: the Dutch police force equipped with Victron



Almere, The Netherlands: one of many news vans fitted with Victron



The Netherlands: Dutch army vehicles supplied with blue power


Campervans: Energy, Anytime, Anywhere